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How to Ensure Your Knee Brace Fits Precisely

The knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body. When a knee injury strikes, being able to wear Mueller braces and supports can help. The added support cradles the knee in comfort and helps to prevent it from moving in the wrong direction. Getting the right fit is the most important aspect of wearing a knee brace. With this information, individuals will know how to get the best fit for their knee brace so they will have the highest level of comfort and support.

How to Be Sure a Knee Brace Fits Precisely

One of the biggest problems with wearing a knee brace is an improper fit. When a brace does not fit properly, it will not be able to fully support the knee. One of the first steps a person needs to take is to make sure they carefully measure their knee and the areas just above and below. Proper measurements will help to ensure the right size of knee brace is purchased. The following tips will help individuals to properly wear their knee braces and supports so they will be able to get the best results.

It is wise to have a knee brace fitted by a doctor. The doctor can show their patient how to properly wear the brace so that it offers the highest level of comfort and support. When a brace is worn improperly, it can end up causing pain and physical damage to the knee.

When fastening a knee brace, make sure to use the "two fingers" method. If two fingers cannot easily be slid under the straps, this means the knee brace is too tight and needs to be adjusted. This test should be carried out on each and every strap to be sure the proper fit is being achieved.

The brace needs to worn as often as recommended. A doctor may prescribe a brace to be worn only during activity or could determine the brace needs to be worn at all times, for a specific time period.

Choosing the right knee brace is also crucial. There are different types of braces and each are worn to specifically protect certain areas of the knee or certain types of movement. Getting advice from their doctor will help an individual to make the right choice.

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